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Protects from electromagnetic radiation. Helps clean the aura. It favors cleanliness, purification, stability and the reorganization of the physical, mental and spiritual body.Promotes self-confidence, objectivity and perseverance. It helps to increase concentration. It reinforces the qualities of leadership and decision. It benefits the nervous system and stimulates the metabolism.


Promotes love and self-care. It favors decision making and problem solving. It helps to generate abundance. It is energizing. Supports intellectual activity and creativity. Aura protector. It fosters a state of happiness, optimism and security. It benefits the nervous system and the digestive system.


Revitalizes and restores energy. It favors mental clarity,helps to transmit, project and channel. Amplifies the positive energy of the body and the mind. It favors the detoxification and lipieza of the negative energies. It facilitates the energetic unblocks and the cure of diseases. Helps decongest the body, which benefits the digestive system.


It facilit facilitates openness to love, promotes harmony, warmth, compassion and cordiality in relationships. It helps to release sorrows and emotions, helps to heal pain and shortages. It is beneficial in the treatment of anxiety and stress. It favors the functioning of the lungs and the circulatory system.



It benefits the st states of meditation and relaxation. Its vibration favors the consciousness of the here and now. It benefits clear and realistic perceptions. It helps eliminate negativity and drives to make the necessary changes to achieve personal and material improvement. It favors the functioning of the digestive and nervous systems.


It pIt promotes peace and vitality. It favors the mood. It helps to purge emotions. Clears and centers the thought for a better organization and planning. It has sedative vibrations which helps in cases of insomnia and headaches. Purifies and harmonizes the endocrine and nervous system. It helps to release fats, toxins and treat hormonal imbalances.


It pIt provides protection and a deep healing of the soul. It helps in meditation and favors spirituality. Dispel confusions. It promotes confrontation with who you really are and promotes growth. Cleans the environment and the auric field. Protects from negative energies in different planes. Helps in sexuality problems of in man.